International Conference on
"Light Quanta: Modern Perspectives and Applications"
to be held at Physics Department, University of Allahabad, on
December 14 - 16, 2015

Aims and Objectives

Objective of this Conference is to bring the Theoretical and Experimental Scientists, the High-Profile Senior Researchers and the Young Dynamic Investigators, and the Industry People on a common platform for exchange of ideas and their implementation and fruitful discussions which would leave an indelible impression on the young minds and be a positive step towards promoting quality research on the topics covered in the Conference.


Members of the Organizing Committee cordially invite all Researchers & dedicated workers in the fields listed below to participate actively and present research papers in the International Conference on 'Light Quanta: Modern Perspectives & Applications' being organized on December 14-16 at the Physics Department (Centre of Advanced Studies), University of Allahabad,Allahabad, India. The aim of this conference is to bring together on a common platform ace Theoretical & Experimental Physicists and young budding Scientists and Researchers. This will provide an excellent meeting place for exchange of ideas in a congenial atmosphere. Conference is also open to interested Industry Personnel to showcase their products and developments. In the Conference, besides Plenary Talks, there shall be Invited Talks by stalwarts in the fields given below and oral presentations in TWO PARALLEL SESSIONS, and Poster presentations. We also seek active participation of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Scientific Instruments for research on these topics.
Participants may contribute research papers based on their original unpublished research work. Persons who are keen to participate in the Conference for exposure and interaction with the dedicated researchers and stalwarts, but are not contributing through research papers, are also welcome, but such persons have to get registered before the deadline 30th November 2015.
Format for submission of abstracts of contributed research papers is given in the link on submission of abstracts.


Deadline for submission of Abstracts of the Contributed Research Papers has been further extended to October 10, 2015. This is last and final extension. Information about Acceptance of Papers will be communicated by email by October 20, 2015.


Kindly see the Progrmme of Conference by clicking at the link Programme and plan your return journey accordingly. Plenary and Invited talks, and Oral Presentations are on each day and the Oral Presentations are on the second and third days.


Registration for the International Conference may be done either by filling the Online Registration Form given at link Payment of Registration Fee and Registration Form and submitting by clicking at the "Submit" box there, or, if some participant finds filling the online form not to his/her liking, the person can prepare a word-file of Registration Form, fill it and send by email to the Convener by

  1. copying the REGISTRATION FORM FOR WORD-FILE given after the Submit box of online Registration Form given at link Payment of Registration Fee and Registration Form,

  2. pasting it on a blank word document, and generate a word-file of blank Registration Form,

  3. filling in this Registration Form with the required information after each colon sign ( : ) , and

  4. sending the file thus prepared by email to the Convener, ICLQMPA15 at conference email id:

Registrations will make the organizers know about the details of participants and help them plan better and make the stay of participants comfortable.

Since the Guest House and Hostel accommodation is limited and we have a large number of research scholar participants who may be inclined to ask for these, such participants are requested to register immediately giving full information. We can allot the accommodation to only those about whom we are sure of participation.

We shall try to Accommodate our Invited Speakers in Institutional Guest Houses, receive/drop them at the Railway Station/Airport and provide local transport between their place of stay and Conference venue, where Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner will be served. For other participants, registration before deadline entitles them to Registration Kit, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner at Conference Venue, Local Transportation between place of stay and conference Venue, and receiving/dropping them at Railway Station/Airport and our sincere effort to provide Hostel accommodation for Research Scholars, shared Guest House Accommodation for Senior partcipants, help for paid Hotel Accommodation. The organizers desire to help those participants also who promise to pay Registration Fee on arrival, but provide before the deadline of payment of registration fees, complete information required in the Registration Form. For those participants, who donot provide the complete required information by November 7, 2015, we shall presume that they have their own Accommodation and Transport arrangements and donot need our help.

Travel Support to Indian Participants
Grant is available for support of travel within India of Indian participants. Indian participants who have contributed research papers but do not have support for travel from their Institutions or Research Projects may write to the Convener at email id seeking travel support. Mail of Research Scholars seeking travel support must have attached scanned copy of recommendation of the Supervisors. These should reach the Convener by 10th November, 2015.

Submission of Manuscript
Information about Deadline for submission of manuscript and the format to be used will appear on the website soon. We are contacting journals and this information will be displayed when agreement is finalized.


The conference is over with a happy note of success. The organizing Committee is thankful to all participant, our honoured Chief Guest, Prof. Anil Kumar, Guest of Honour, Prof. Siva Umapathy, Plenary Speakers and Invited Speakers, contributors of papers and other participants for the grand success of the Conference. They are are also grateful to all Teachers & Non-Teaching Employees and Research scholar & M.Sc. student volnteers of the Physics Department, University of Allahabad, for their great help and cooperation. We also gratefully acknowledge the financial, academic and infra-structural support of our co-sponsors. All these have important roles in making the conference success.

Topics to be Covered in the Conference:Topics to be Covered in the Conference:

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